Homes England - historical grant and constitutional changes notifications

How to notify Homes England of relevant events leading to grant recovery or planned Constitutional Changes.



Further information on relevant events and grant recovery calculations can be found in the links below


As a consequence of the removal of the regulatory consents regime in April 2017, Homes England, as investor has established arrangements to provide visibility of any changes affecting Homes England grant-funded housing outside London.

From 6 April 2017, the Registered Provider and Unregistered Bodies Recovery of Grant Determinations 2017 make provision for a grant notifications procedure, which all providers who have a legal interest in grant-funded homes or land outside London must follow. All such providers, whether registered or unregistered, are required to notify Homes England of any relevant events that may give rise to the recovery of grant and any constitutional changes that may affect the legal ownership of their grant-funded homes. This is to make sure Homes England as investor is able to protect and oversee the use of historical grant.

Relevant events

All providers should consult the Recovery Determinations and the associated grant recovery chapters in the Capital Funding Guide for details of the relevant events covering Registered Providers and Unregistered Bodies and information of whether and when a notification needs to be submitted.

Some relevant events require notification to Homes England at least 14 days in advance of the forecast date of occurrence (e.g. open market disposals) and others (e.g. failure to use capital grant for the purpose for which it was paid) must be notified immediately.

Constitutional changes

All providers should notify Homes England as early as possible when considering future constitutional changes that may affect the legal ownership of their grant-funded homes. This will allow us time to review whether the changes will affect the legal route to recovery and ensure any necessary legal forms are in place or grant is recovered before the changes take place.

Forms and guidance

There are separate forms (on this page above) depending on the notification type and provider status:

  • Providers Historical Grant Notifications
  • Unregistered Bodies Historical Grant Notifications
Published 22 February 2018
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