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Home Office funding of police operations to obtain football banning orders

Home Office funding of police operations to obtain football banning orders under s14(b) of the Football Spectators Act 1989.



FOI release 28049

1 For the last 5 financial years, how much money has the Home Office paid to police forces in England and Wales for the cost of preparing applications for Football Banning Orders under section 14(b) of the Football Spectators Act. (Also known as a banning order on application or on complaint).

2 How much money is currently paid to a police force for the cost of one application for a football banning order unders section 14(b).

3 What is the process by which a police force recoups money from the Home Office to pay for its section 14(b) football banning order applications. Do forces apply to the Home Office before they draw up an application.

We released this information on 14 August 2013.

1 The table below details Home Office payments to police in England and Wales to pay for operations to obtain targeted football banning orders (under section 14(b) of the Football Spectators Act 1989)

2008 to 2009 £918,964
2009 to 2010 £963,100
2010 to 2011 £908,766
2011 to 2012 £559,036
2012 to 2013 £385,833

2 There is no set amount. Police forces bid for Home Office funding before the financial year commences. Total operation costs are analysed and assessed closely by the UK Football Policing Unit (UKFPU) on a force by force basis. Only necessary and relevant costs are covered.

3 Police forces submit an application for Home Office funding to UKFPU at the beginning of the financial year setting out their objetives. Operations are monitored in-year, and at the year end forces submit their results, which are paid once a total has been agreed upon between UKFPU and the force concerned, and an invoice has been submitted.

Published 24 September 2013