Keeping farmed animals – guidance

Holding a slaughter gathering for the sale of TB restricted cattle

How to apply for a licence to hold a market in England and Wales to sell TB restricted cattle for slaughter, and the procedures to follow when a market is held.



Auctioneers holding a market or collection of cattle for onward consignment to a slaughterhouse may wish to include cattle which, due to TB movement restrictions, cannot enter a regular market.

These are called dedicated ‘red’ gatherings and must be approved by the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA).

The guidance provides information on:

  • the conditions the proposed site must comply with
  • the preliminary approval inspection
  • how to notifiy authorities when a market is to be held
  • cattle movement licences and transport
  • procedures to follow when a market is held
  • cleansing and disinfection after the event

The guidance applies to England and Wales.