Healthcare regulatory policy and healthcare regulations (DSA02)

This publication specifies Defence Regulations and Regulatory Policy for MOD healthcare activity within UK and overseas.



This Ministry of Defence (MOD) healthcare policy and regulations document is issued by the Defence Medical Services Regulator (DMSR) and forms the basis of the MOD’s regulatory framework for healthcare. It should be read by personnel, people and organisations conducting healthcare activity on behalf of the MOD (including support, facilitation, assurance, management and leadership), in both the UK and overseas. The regulations set out in this document are the minimum standards to be adopted for healthcare safety; they are mandatory and full compliance is required.

This document is in 3 parts: * foreword and safety message * chapter 1: details the DMSRs Policy overview * chapter 2: comprises healthcare Regulatory Articles (RA’s)

Readers are advised to read all parts in order to understand the regulatory framework.

Further information can be obtained from the Defence Medical Services Regulator by emailing

Regular reviews will be conducted and this DSA02 document will be updated as required. These Defence Healthcare Regulatory Policy and Healthcare Regulations are effective from January 2019

Published 17 January 2019