Independent report

Green Jobs Taskforce report

Findings and recommendations from the Green Jobs Taskforce.


Green Jobs Taskforce report


This independent report from the Green Jobs Taskforce brings together evidence on the skills needed for our transition to net zero. It sets out the Taskforce’s recommendations for how government, industry, the education sector alongside other stakeholders can work together to grasp the opportunities of a green industrial revolution and meet the challenges of supporting high carbon sectors, their workers and the communities they support through the transition to net zero.

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy and the Department for Education convened this Taskforce of 17 individuals from diverse backgrounds in industry, academia, unions, and the education and skills sector to come together to advise government, industry and the education sector.

The government will now consider the Taskforce’s rich evidence base and comprehensive recommendations ahead of setting out our Net Zero Strategy later in the year.

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Published 14 July 2021