Governance statement guidance for the NHS set out

This publication was withdrawn on 16 September 2014

This page has been archived as the deadline date for providing feedback has passed.

The Department of Health has today set out the requirements for completion and submission of 2012/13 governance statements for the NHS.



The governance statement records the stewardship of organisations to supplement the accounts. It gives a sense of how successfully it has coped with the challenges it faced and of how vulnerable performance is or might be. This statement will draw together position statements and evidence on governance, risk management and control, to provide a more coherent and consistent reporting mechanism.

Annex B of the guidance letter to accountable officers and directors of finance of SHAs, PCTs and NHS trusts sets out the key elements that must be covered within the governance statement. This is to ensure compliance with Treasury guidance and to ensure that the NHS Chief Executive is able to draw the assurance he needs to sign an overarching NHS governance statement. This will be drawn on and referred to in the overall governance statement signed by the Principal Accounting Officer, for the Department of Health’s Annual Report and Accounts 2012/13.