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Genetically Modified Organisms: Celladon Corporation (13/R46/01)

Details of the consent for Celladon Corporation to release genetically modified organisms.


13/R46/01: Consent (14 April 2013)

13/R46/01: Part A1

13/R46/01: Part A2 to A6

13/R46/01: Part B


Consent documents for Celladon Corporation, to release genetically modified organisms for research purposes.

Each consent granted includes:

  • consent letter (confirming consent and outlining any conditions)
  • part A(1): Information required under schedule 1 of the Genetically Modified Organisms (Deliberate Release) regulations 2002.
  • part A(2-6): (If applicable) Details of related previous releases, including any data, results and risks.
  • part B: Information about the release application to be included on the public register

ACRE’s advice

Published 22 November 2013