Framework of outcomes for young people

This highlights the fundamental importance of social and emotional capabilities for achievement of all other outcomes for young people.



There is substantial and growing evidence that developing social and emotional capabilities supports the achievement of positive life outcomes, including educational attainment, employment and health.

Supporting the development of young people’s underlying social and emotional capabilities is a strong theme in the government’s ‘Positive for youth’ strategy, which encourages a stronger focus on early support to help all young people succeed.

This document proposes a model of 7 interlinked clusters of social and emotional capabilities that are of value to all young people, supported by a strong evidence base, demonstrating their link to outcomes such as educational attainment, employment, and health.

It also sets out a matrix of available tools to measure these capabilities, outlining which capabilities each tool covers, and key criteria that might be considered in selecting an appropriate tool.

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Published 12 July 2012