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FOI Disclosure Log: Governor's Office, Cayman Islands

Requests made under the Cayman Islands Freedom of Information Law to the Governor's Office during the period July 2012 - May 2013.



For Freedom of Information requests made before July 2012, please see here.

July 2012 - May 2013

Date Request Number Request Description Outcome
8 August 2012 49497 How many applications have been made for warrants under the Interception of Telecommunications Regulations? How many have been approved by HE the Governor? Please indicate the dates. Also please indicate whether any requests have since been reviewed by the commission created under the regulations or if that commission has been appointed yet. Records not released. FoI Law does not apply to records – sections 3(5)(b) and 3(8).
30 August 2012 49773 Copies of all emails, letters or other communications – whether electronic or printed – that pertain to the Cayman Islands 2011/12 and 2012/13 budgets that were sent between the United Kingdom Government, the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, the Cayman Islands Governor’s office, the Premier’s Office and the Ministry of Finance sent from 1 December, 2011 through the present date of this request. Records not released. Exempt under sections 15(a), 15(b), 20(1)(b) and 20(1)(d) of the FoI Law.
9 October 2013 50703 1. Documentation that outlines the guidelines for Prison Officials or any other public officers when writing an official report/ or providing a verbal report to such high authority as the Governor. 2. A copy of the oath that any prison official or public offers swears to before they are gainfully employed. I would like to see a copy of the same such oath the Governor and the Deputy Governor take. 1. No records held 2. Information already publicly available. Please see Cayman Islands 2009 Constitution.
4 January 2013 51891 1. A copy of the ruling by HE The Governor made in or shortly before 1980 as to when and on what terms the years of service of Caymanian RCIPS Police Officers who commenced duty on contract might be retrospectively treated/counted as Permanent and Pensionable Service. 2. A copy of all communications including rulings and directives by HE The Governor or emanating from the Governor’s Office to the Commissioner of Police or the CI Police/RCIPS which resulted in or was instrumental in the release of paragraph 137 of Service Order 14/99 dealing with Caymanian Police Officers who wished to have their years of service under contract treated or counted Permanent and Pensionable. 3. The Applicant seeks also copies of any other related or relevant communications, rulings or directives passing between the Governor’s Office and the CI Police/RCIPS in relation to the issue of the treatment to be accorded to the years of service under contract by Caymanian Police Officers, i.e. whether and on what terms that service might be treated as Permanent and Pensionable service. No records held
7 January 2013 51897 I request that you forward me all the minutes of the meeting or meetings between your office, the offices listed above and Dwight Scott’s attendance which lead to his dismissal (early retirement). No records held
11 April 2013 53672 A listing stating number of persons visiting HE the Governor’s Office during the period of October through December 2011 and the same period 2012. In this listing I would like the following: 1. name of individuals whether in a group or individually who visited during the above mentioned time frame, including supporting documentation. eg. sign-in sheets etc 2. The purpose of the Meeting and length of the said meeting 3. Also state if the individuals are from overseas or local. eg. UK, Canada etc 4. Which Government officials were in attendance at the meeting including HE the Governor. Released – Governor’s electronic diary for periods October – December 2011 and October – December 2012.
Published 28 May 2013