Financial sanctions, Syria

This page contains the current list of those subject to sanctions under the financial sanctions Syria regime as well as information on the relevant regulations.




Syria is currently subject to financial sanctions put in place by the European Union (EU) and, therefore, imposed by the UK as a member of the EU.

You can view Council Regulation (EU) No 36/2012 on restrictive measures in Syria online.

Implementation date

Financial sanctions have been imposed by the EU since 2011.


The Syria regime imposes asset freezes on those identified as being responsible for the violent repression of the civilian population in Syria.

There are several financial restrictions on those listed in relation to the:

  • sale or purchase of certain Syrian public or guaranteed bonds
  • establishment of new banking relationships and
  • provision of certain insurance and re-insurance products.

There are further restrictions on the:

  • purchase of certain goods in Syria and
  • the export of such goods to Syria.


There are no licencing grounds available for the restrictions listed above. However, specific exemptions apply to certain activities, such as:

Organisations providing humanitarian assistance to the civilian population in Syria are exempt from the prohibitions outlined in Article 6 of Council Regulation (EU) No 36/2012 if they have received funds from the:

  • UK Government
  • EU Commission
  • EU Member States

Those who don’t receive such public funds will need to apply for a licence both from the Export Control Organisation (ECO) and OFSI. Please visit OFSI’s licensing page and ECO’s web pages for more information.

There are no exemptions for prohibitions in the relevant counter-terrorism sanctions regimes.

For more information about these regimes, please visit the OFSI’s page on terrorist financing

EU regulations

You can view Council Regulation (EU) No 36/2012 on restrictive measures in Syria online.

You can find the most recent amendments to the Regulation by searching on EUR-Lex – an online database that provides free access to EU law, international agreements and other public documents. Just:

  • enter the Regulation number into the search bar
  • open the relevant page and
  • click ‘document information’

The European Commission has provided Frequently Asked Questions on EU restrictive measures in Syria to clarify certain provisions of EU Council Regulation No. 36/2012 and to facilitate its implementation.

UK regulations

UK Regulations and amendments relating to the Syria (European Union Financial Sanctions) Regulations 2012:

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