Policy paper

Finance Bill 2017: Committee of the Whole House

Explanatory Notes and Notes on Resolutions for government amendments and resolutions in Committee of the Whole House of Finance Bill 2017.



The government tabled the following amendments for the Committee of the Whole House of Finance Bill 2017. These are accompanied by an Explanatory Note and Note on Resolution where applicable.

  • Amendment 10 to Clause 7 and Schedule 1: Workers’ services provided to public sector through intermediaries
  • Amendment 11 and 12 to Clause 8 and Schedule 2: Optional Remuneration Arrangements
  • Amendments 13-29 to Clause 17 and Schedule 3: Overseas pensions
  • Amendments 30-56 to Clause 18 and Schedule 4: Offshore transfers
Published 25 April 2017

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