FE choices: about the survey

Updated 21 October 2015

All FE choices data is available on GOV.UK, DATA.GOV.UK with performance indicators held on the National Careers Service website.

FE choices consists of:

  • a set of basic information made available in a clear and consistent format

  • nationally collected and published performance indicator data that measures aspects of performance such as:

  • success rates

  • learner and employer satisfaction

  • learner destinations

Information is provided about:

  • further education colleges and other organisations that receive government funding and offer education and training to people over the age of 16

  • organisations that offer academic and vocational subjects, apprenticeships and training on and off the job

We publish information about a number of different areas including:

  • how many people pass the qualification they start (success rates)

  • learners’ satisfaction with their experience at a college/training organisation

  • employers’ satisfaction about the service and training they have received for their staff

  • information about the percentage of learners and trainees who take steps forward in learning or their employment (learner destinations)

1. Structure of FE choices

FE choices has a small number of performance indicators that apply to most providers funded by the Skills Funding Agency, including higher education institutions delivering Further Education.

The table below sets out the FE choices performance indicators and scope for 2015 to 2016:

Provider grouping Learner satisfaction Learner destinations Employer satisfaction Success rates
General FE colleges Yes 16+ Yes including all age Apprenticeships Yes Yes
Sixth form colleges No 19+ only No Yes
Specialist colleges (including Art and Design, land based) Yes 16+ Yes including all age Apprenticeships Yes Yes
Independent specialist providers No No No No
Dance and drama academies No No No No
Specialist designated institutions Yes 16+ Yes 19+ only including all age Apprenticeships Yes Yes
Higher education institutions Yes 16+ Yes 19+ only including all age Apprenticeships Yes Yes
Other public funded institutions Yes 16+ Yes 19+ only including all age Apprenticeships Yes Yes
Large employers in receipt of a direct grant No No No No
An employer only training its own staff Yes 16+ No No Yes

1.1 Where we have specified the 16+ age group, you must receive the Skills Funding Agency’s Adult Skills Budget to be eligible to take part in the survey.

2. Using the data

2.1 Colleges and training organisations

  • Governing bodies, management and supervisory boards, and management teams will find FE choices performance indicator data useful in setting and monitoring progress against their strategic goals and targets.

  • FE choices data will help you develop the ability to compare performance with other college and training organisations and help to identify and address instances of underperformance.

  • College and training organisations can use FE choices scores as part of the evidence for their self-assessment and refer to its performance indicators in their self-assessment reports.

2.2 Learners and employers

  • Learners, parents, employers and their intermediaries have access, through the FE choices data on GOV.UK and the National Careers Service website, to published scores for colleges and training organisations.

  • The data provides impartial information about how well colleges and other organisations perform, so that you can compare the performance of one organisation with another. This information will help you to make choices about where to go to learn or train for your future.

  • FE choices data is also available on the National Careers Service course directory pages. This enables prospective learners to view a college or training organisation’s performance indicator scores when making a choice about where to study or train. Learner satisfaction, employer satisfaction and learner destinations information is also available on the National Careers Service - course directory.

3. Contact us

For enquiries about FE Choices, please contact:
E: T: 0870 267 0001

College and training organisations should quote their UKPRN and provide contact details when enquiring as this will allow us to deal with your request more quickly.