Independent report

Family justice review: final report

This report sets the main conclusions and recommendations made by the 'Family justice review' for the family justice system.


Family Justice Review - Final Report


This review, which was sponsored jointly by the Ministry of Justice (MOJ), the Department for Education (DfE) and the Welsh Assembly government, was established in March 2010. It was led by an independent review panel, chaired by David Norgrove.

The review panel was asked to consider radical reform of the current systems for resolving disputes about contact with children and where they should live when couples break up (private law); the process of divorce; and processes when local authorities apply to the courts to take children into care (public law).

The measures considered in this review include reducing duplication in the system, ensuring that the child’s wishes and interests remain prominent and setting a clear time limit for the length of care cases.

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Published 3 November 2011