Research and analysis

Evaluation of the Needs Enhanced Support service national roll-out

This research evaluated the national roll-out of HMRC's new service for customers needing extra support.



The evaluation included a total of 177 qualitative interviews and 715 quantitative interviews with Needs Enhanced Support (NES) customers; 50 qualitative and 343 quantitative interviews with former enquiry centre (EC) users; and 68 qualitative interviews with staff and an online survey with 188 responses.

The evaluation found that levels of customer satisfaction with the service were high both during quieter and busier times of the year and the referral process was largely working well for customers with explicit needs. Customers who formerly used enquiry centres were being served well, although there was a low level of awareness of the new service model and relatively few ex-EC customers had sought support since the EC closures. Staff considered the new NES service model to provide a comparatively better service to customers. This was most evident at Tier 2 where the service (high intensity and personalised telephone support) was most different to its predecessor.