Independent report

Evaluation of the DFID-AFDB Technical Cooperation Agreement

The United Kingdom (UK) has been part of the African Development Fund (ADF) and the African Development Bank (AfDB) since 1973 and 1983, respectively.



The objectives of the Technical Coperation Agreement (TCA) evaluation are to:

  • test critical assumptions that technical assistance (TA) provided through the TCA helps the AfDB become a more effective, results orientated and responsive development institution
  • monitor and evaluate the performance of the TCA as a whole; particularly gather evidence that the TCA has contributed to poverty reduction in Africa and that the TCA has used funds effectively and efficiently to deliver results
  • draw lessons from the TCA experience and assess the implications of these for new DFID support modalities beyond 2014 and the AfDB Trust Fund Policy which is planned to be revised in 2015
Published 11 November 2014