Independent report

Evaluation of the Westminster Foundation for Democracy

This evaluation is to assess Westminster Foundation for Democracy's (WFD) effectiveness in contributing towards making the parliaments and political parties it works with more effective, accountable and representative.



The focus of this mid-term evaluation is on relevance, efficiency and effectiveness of the support and particularly the impact and results of WFD’s activities at regional and country-specific levels. The Mid-term Evaluation (MTE) also intends to determine if, at the midway point of the support, WFD is meeting HMG expectations and whether it is on course to achieve the results and outcomes envisaged in the business plan submitted and approved by DFID in 2012.

This final report presents an evaluation of the Westminster Foundation for Democracy (WFD) corporate programme performance during the past 3 years (2012-2015). The evaluation builds on previous assessments, including the Mid-Term Evaluation (MTE)4 and the Triennial Review (TR)5. The evaluation looks at ensuring accountability and learning from DFID political governance portfolio interventions. In addition to undertaking an assessment of Value for Money (VFM) and impact, the study is intended to be forward-looking and seeks to learn lessons to support future WFD programming and political governance programming by DFID and other bilateral and multilateral organisations more broadly.

Published 4 September 2014