Research and analysis

Encouraging employers to advertise jobs as flexible

Interim results from a randomised controlled trial with a job site to encourage employers to advertise roles as flexible.



In 2017, The Government Equalities Office established the Gender and Behavioural Insights (GABI) Programme in partnership with The Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) to build evidence base on what works to improve gender equality, with a particular focus on workplaces. As part of the programme, BIT partnered with a major job site in the UK to test whether employers could be encouraged to advertise more jobs that explicitly offer flexible working options.

This report presents the interim results of this trial, which shows that small changes to the choice architecture of job postings can encourage employers to advertise more jobs with flexible working options. Furthermore, jobs advertised in this way tend to attract more jobseekers.

Published 31 October 2019