Electronic Prescription Service Directions 2012: Amendment 2

Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) directions coming into force on 1 February 2013.



These directions enable the 21 primary care trusts (PCTs) listed in the schedule to authorise their primary medical services contractors or any practice established by the PCT to use the electronic prescription service.  These are the second tranche to be approved in 2012 by the Electronic Prescription Service (EPS) national directions evaluation panel.

Release 2 of the EPS (EPS R2) allows the electronic transfer of prescriptions between prescribers and dispensers. Dispensing contractors can deploy EPS R2 whenever they want. Prescribers however cannot use electronic signatures needed for EPS R2 until their PCT is included in the EPS directions.

The Department announced on 1 November 2012 that the 3 month notice period had commenced for the 21 PCTs that had been approved by the EPS Directions Evaluation Panel, to be added to the EPS directions.