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Education, skills and children's services: interoperability review

This review looks at the data exchange approaches, standards and interaction models being used by organisations and information systems.


Education, skills and children's services: interoperability review


To efficiently address real-world scenarios and problems, and improve services, there is always a requirement to transfer information from one system or organisation to another. This information exchange can only be achieved effectively through interoperability standards, which set out data and technical standards for how to do this.

This review was completed in the first quarter of 2010, and is based on desk study, market analysis and a series of interviews with a range of people including: representatives from government bodies (central and local), non-departmental public bodies and education service providers.

The research and analysis also includes a review of the systems interoperability framework (SIF), an open standard defined by SIF group for the exchange of information between IT systems used in schools. It summarises the analysis of the research carried out, and recommends the most appropriate approach to achieve effective interoperability based on the current landscape.

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Published 31 August 2010