Duncan Selbie's Friday message: 9 May 2014

Weekly message from the Chief Executive of Public Health England.

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On Wednesday, in partnership with the Alzheimer’s Society, we launched our Dementia Friends national campaign which aims to mobilise the whole country to help create a more dementia friendly society. I hope you will want to join this extraordinary movement.

Yesterday, quite unintentionally, but very relevant to our dementia campaign, I had the very enjoyable experience of joining the Extra Care Charitable Trust in Birmingham who had invited me to their first Health and Wellbeing Conference.

I am glad to give recognition today to Professor Adrian Davis, our academic leader on population health, who was this week awarded the Aram Glorig prize for his lifetime contribution to public health research on hearing and communication.

And finally, this coming Monday is international nurses’ day which this year focuses on the responsibilities and opportunities nurses have to improve the health of the population.

Published 9 May 2014