Duncan Selbie's Friday message: 4 July 2014

This publication was withdrawn on 27 January 2017

Weekly message from the Chief Executive of Public Health England.



There are examples of great work by GPs and councils all over the country, including through the Pioneers, and we all need to make sure we do all we can to support them, so with the NHS Clinical Commissioners we are looking to identify 5 or 6 striking examples of GPs and councils working together to secure both better public health outcomes and a better deal for the tax payer, which we will showcase at our second annual conference in September.

Public Health England and Department of Health public health nursing teams have run their third week of action and on Tuesday held their second annual conference, ‘At the heart of it all’, which it was my very great privilege to open. The theme was health promoting practitioners and practice. Over 3000 tweets were sent and over 300 people attended conference for the launch of the Personalised Care and Population Health Framework and its accompanying infographic which focused on the huge difference even small changes in practice can make.