Policy paper

Discussion paper on options for supporting English regional airports from the impacts of air passenger duty devolution

As part of a review into supporting English regional airports from the impact of APD devolution, this paper explores three options in detail.



Summary of responses

The government has published a summary of responses to the consultation on how to support regional airports in England from the potential effects of air passenger duty (APD) devolution. Given the strong interaction with EU law, the government does not intend to take specific measures now, but intends to review this area again after the UK has exited from the European Union.

Discussion paper

As part of the government’s long term economic plan to rebalance growth across the regions and nations of the UK, it is devolving power to the cities, counties and nations of the UK.

The government is undertaking a review in response to concerns expressed by regional airports in England about the potential impacts of APD devolution to Scotland and Wales on their business. As part of the review, this discussion paper explores options to support regional airports from the impacts of APD devolution. These options are to devolve APD within England, vary APD rates within England and provide aid to regional airports within England. The paper sets out how these options could work, and highlights key points for consideration.

The government welcomes views on the options, together with any further evidence on the likely impact of the options on airlines, airports, passenger numbers and growth – both in specific city regions and across the UK as a whole.

Published 8 July 2015
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