DIN digests

This publication was withdrawn on 7 June 2016

DIN digests are no longer published on GOV.UK.

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A monthly list of Defence Instructions and Notices (DINs).


DIN digest: September 2014

DIN digest: August 2014

DIN digest: July 2014

DIN digest: June 2014

DIN digest: May 2014

DIN digest: April 2014

DIN digest: March 2014

DIN digest: February 2014

DIN digest: January 2014

DIN digest: December 2013

DIN digest: November 2013

DIN digest: October 2013

DIN digest: September 2013

DIN digest: August 2013

DIN digest: July 2013

DIN digest: May 2013

DIN digest: June 2013

DIN digest: April 2013

DIN digest: March 2013

DIN digest: February 2013

DIN digest: January 2013


A DIN is an official document that tells people in the services or the Ministry of Defence about important instructions, guidance or other information that they need to know to do their job properly, or might want to know to do their job better.

Each of the document contains a monthly list of all DINs published on the defence intranet.

Previous DIN digests are available on the UK Government Archive website.