Policy paper

DFID’s Transparency Agenda: one-year progress update

This one-year update highlights the progress made in implementing DFID’s Transparency Agenda, Open aid, open societies: a vision for a transparent world.



DFID’s Transparency Agenda was launched in February 2018 and outlines how DFID will strengthen the UK ambition on creating a global transparency revolution in the availability and use of data for a fairer, more equitable world. It is a crucial part of our commitment to deliver the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including Goal 16 to promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development.

The one-year progress update presents an overview of the progress made in implementing the commitments in the Transparency Agenda, highlights achievements from 2018 and identifies priorities for 2019. Progress to date includes:

  • Global initiatives: Driving forward global initiatives to shape new norms and tackle corruption
  • In-country programming: Achievements in our Transparency Trailblazer countries and progress on our learning agenda
  • Aid transparency: DFID continues to be one of the most transparent donors and ranked third out of forty-five donors in Publish What You Fund’s 2018 Aid Transparency Index

The progress update concludes that if DFID is to meet its ambitious goal of a global transparency revolution, it must continue work with partners to do more to drive forward new global transparency standards to tackle corruption, improve the quality and value of our own data and support greater uptake and use of data.

Published 4 March 2019