Universal Credit: In Work Progression Randomised Control Trial

Information about Universal Credit trials and pilots



Universal Credit is being introduced in phases. Over time there will be increasing numbers of Universal Credit claimants who are in work. Once fully rolled out there will be 7 million households in receipt of UC, of which around 3 million will include someone in work.

This is a radically different context in which DWP’s employment services will operate. For the first time it will be possible for the department to work with individuals to help them stay in employment and, where appropriate, support and encourage them to increase their earnings.

Published 19 July 2013
Last updated 27 June 2018 + show all updates
  1. Updated schedule for publication of RCT evaluation and added information on future work to be delivered by DWP to provide evidence on in-work progression.
  2. Added a link to 'GOALS UK's Step Up and Timewise Foundation's Earnings Progression and Flexible Career Pathways in Retail: an evaluation'.
  3. Added document about Universal Credit In Work Progression Randomised Control Trial.
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