Defence Technology Framework

Ministry of Defence’s assessment of strategic technologies that will drive modernisation and deliver future battle-winning capabilities for our UK Armed Forces.


Defence Technology Framework


Rapid and profound technological change is one of the most potent factors shaping the modern world. It creates significant opportunities, but drives increasingly complex and destabilising global threats.

The Defence Technology Framework is central to grasping these opportunities, tackling threats, and delivering on the Modernising Defence Programme’s mobilise, modernise, and transform agenda. We expect the fundamental technologies identified will be critical to the development of capabilities that achieve decisive and affordable military effect in future conflict.

This Framework will inform and shape defence policy, strategy and investment planning, help our external partners to understand our requirements, and provide the foundation for deepening engagement for UK security and prosperity.

The Framework should be read alongside the Defence Innovation Priorities to understand how we are gearing the Defence Enterprise to understand and exploit opportunities at pace.

Published 9 September 2019