Data collection schedule

This publication was withdrawn on 22 January 2015

This document has been archived as it is out of date.

A rolling 12-month schedule of data collections and surveys carried out by the Department for Education (DfE) and partner organisations.



This regularly updated schedule consists of 2 parts - a list by month, and an alphabetical list.

The list by month consists of a simple grid showing which data collections occur in each month.

The alphabetical list shows more detailed information about each survey as follows:

  • survey name
  • whether the collection is mandatory or optional
  • the month the survey must be returned
  • the organisation sponsoring the collection
  • sample size - for example, a census is a collection required from 100% of schools or local authorities, sample surveys go to smaller subsets
  • collection frequency - for example, annual, termly etc - ‘ad hoc’ is used for those with irregular patterns
  • survey target - for example, where local authorities fill in parts of the early years (EY) census about EY settings rather than the local authorities, the survey target is the EY setting
  • data supplier - the body returning the survey forms
  • mandatory basis - only applies to mandatory surveys

See also DfE’s official statistics on education and children.


Schools and local authorities should use the contact address below to submit comments and questions.

Paul Hirst
Education Data Division
2 St Paul’s Place
125 Norfolk Street
S1 2FJ