Corporate report

Dalton Cumbrian Facility: celebrating a 10-year journey to success

As a 10-year NDA funding agreement on the world-class Dalton Cumbrian Facility (DCF) ends, we look back at how it all began.



The world-class Dalton Cumbrian Facility was developed jointly by the NDA and The University of Manchester. Each party contributed £10 million to develop the cutting-edge research facility in west Cumbria.

DCF is designed specifically for carrying out research into:

  • radiation science
  • nuclear engineering decommissioning

It was built in 2011 and became fully operational during 2012 following the commissioning of its ion beam particle accelerator (Pelletron).

Scientists from across the UK use DCF facilities to simulate several decades of radiation exposure in an operating environment. This provides important data for lifetime behaviour predictions and models.

Published 18 September 2017