Housing – transparency data

Current registered providers of social housing

Current registered providers of social housing plus new registrations and deregistrations, published monthly.



As regulator, we maintain a statutory register of social housing providers (the register) which lists private (not-for-profit and for-profit) providers and local authority providers. Most not-for-profit providers are also known as housing associations.

The following information is held on the register for each private registered provider (not local authorities):

  • a governing instruments folder, in which the provider’s governing document is saved
  • annual accounts, which will include a value for money self-assessment (all providers are required to publish an annual self-assessment of their performance in delivering value for money)
  • Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) certificate of registration

The list of current registered providers is published at the beginning of each month. It contains the following details:

  • name
  • registration number
  • registered office address
  • type of provider
  • registration date
  • legal entity

We also publish, at the beginning of each month, a list of changes to the register due to new registrations and deregistrations.

You can arrange to view the full register by contacting us either by emailing public.register@hca.gsi.gov.uk or by telephone on 0300 1234 500