Country and regional analysis guidance 2015

Revised guidance for departments for the country and regional analysis (CRA) data collection exercise.




HM Treasury has issued revised guidance to departments for the CRA data collection exercise. The exercise is to be carried out within OSCAR using the ‘CRA application’.

About the CRA

Each year we carry out an exercise to collate country and regional spending information by government departments, devolved administrations, local authorities and public corporations using a combination of actual regional spending and statistical methodologies.

The CRA of expenditure is based on the total expenditure on services (TES) framework. Two important principles of the CRA are:

  • firstly, the regional allocation of spending is defined by where the individuals and enterprises that benefited from that public spending are located as opposed to where it is spent
  • secondly, expenditure that can be identified as benefiting specific regions or countries is termed ‘identifiable expenditure’; conversely, ‘non-identifiable expenditure’ is deemed to benefit the UK as a whole, such as defence spending

The CRA only includes ‘identifiable expenditure’ in its regional totals.

The country and regional analysis in PESA 2015

For the very latest published version of the CRA, please refer to PESA 2015 chapters 9 and 10 text and tables and the ‘CRA interactive tables’.

Published 6 August 2015