Counter terrorism protective security advice for bars, pubs and clubs

Guidance on reducing the risk from terrorism in bars, pubs and clubs

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Bars, pubs and clubs may be targeted by terrorists because they are usually locations with limited protective security measures and therefore afford the potential for mass fatalities and casualties.

NaCTSO, in partnership with the Institute of Licensing, British Beer and Pub Association, British Hospitality Association, National Pubwatch and others, has researched and produced a guide intended to give protective security advice to those who are responsible for security in bars, pubs and clubs.

Whilst the document concentrates on measures to counter terrorism, these will also work against other threats, such as theft, burglary and arson.

NaCTSO urges bars, pubs and nightclubs to ‘raise the bar’ on security.

For site specific advice relating to your premises, contact your CTSA or use the non emergency police telephone number 101.

Published 1 January 2007