Corporate report

Contact details of engineers on the Non-impounding reservoir panel

Appoint a panel engineer for your reservoir.



As a reservoir owner or operator you are required to appoint a panel engineer for large raised reservoirs, including those classed as ‘high-risk’:

  • during the design and construction of any reservoir with an ‘escapable’ volume greater than 25,000 cubic metres (construction engineer)
  • where an abandoned reservoir is to be restored and will be brought back into use as a large raised reservoir again (construction engineer)
  • to supervise the reservoir once built (at all times) and produce a statement once a year (supervising engineer)
  • to carry out an inspection every 10 years, identify safety work and set you deadlines for the work to be completed (inspecting engineer)
  • to supervise and certify any recommended measures to be taken in the interests of safety (inspecting engineer)

Reservoirs that have been determined as ‘not high-risk’ only need to appoint a construction engineer during the design and construction, restoration or alteration of the reservoir. Supervising and inspecting engineers are not required.