Confidentiality guidance for drug and alcohol treatment providers and clients

Guidelines for drug and alcohol treatment providers on sharing their clients' information with the national drugs and treatment monitoring system (NDTMS).



Confidentiality toolkit : information for drugs and alcohol treatment providers

The toolkit contains advice for healthcare professionals providing drug and alcohol treatment services on handling their client and patient sensitive information and sharing them with other organisations.

Drug and alcohol treatment providers can use this toolkit to understand how to:

  • develop a treatment service confidentiality policy explaining to users how their data is used
  • share drug and alcohol data with Public Health England’s (PHE) national drug treatment monitoring service (NDTMS)
  • develop a data sharing policy detailing how and why data is shared within and between organisations

The guide also details:

  • why PHE needs patient and client data
  • how PHE protects data
  • the types of information collected for the NDTMS
  • how long PHE retains data

Fair processing notice: information for clients

The fair processing notice can be shared with clients so they understand what PHE do, how we use personal information and what their options are.

Published 12 April 2013