Commercial designations of fish: United Kingdom

List of the fish names (commercial designations) accepted at the point of retail in the United Kingdom.



All EU Member States are required to publish a list of the commercial designations (fish names) accepted in their territory. The list shall indicate the scientific name for each species, its name in the official language or languages of the Member State and, where applicable, any other name or names accepted or permitted locally or regionally.

Commercial designations must be used when marketing fish in the EU and are provided to consumers at the point of retail. The list is therefore primarily used by those involved in the production and manufacture of fishery products.

The labelling of fish at each stage of marketing is governed by Council Regulation (EC) No. 104/2000 on the common organisation of the markets in fishery and aquaculture products and Commission Regulation (EC) No. 2065/2001 laying down detailed rules for the application of Council Regulation (EC) No. 104/2000 as regards informing consumers about fishery and aquaculture products.