Code of practice for the sustainable use of soils on construction sites

The code outlines guidance and legislation on the use of soil in construction projects.



This Code of Practice for the sustainable use of soil on construction sites is a practical guide to assist anyone involved in the construction industry to protect the soil resources with which they work. It is particularly intended for use in England.

It contains guidance of interest to those involved at all stages of construction projects, from the developer, designer, contractor, sub-contractor (earthworks, landscape) and regulator.

Although the Code itself is not legislatively binding, by following it:

  • you will help protect and enhance the soil resources on site and achieve wider benefits for the environment;
  • you may achieve cost savings for your business;
  • it may help you to achieve your business sustainability targets; and
  • it may help you to meet legal obligations regarding waste controls.

The Code outlines current guidance and legislation concerning the use of soil in construction projects, before offering stage by stage guidance on the use,  management and movement of soil on site.