Research and analysis

Catch Quota Trials: 2012 interim report

Interim report from the 2012 trials showing discards of stocks have been drastically reduced by North Sea and West Channel fishermen.



2012’s trials increased the number of vessels and species from 2011.

Fishery Average discard rate (%) Trial discard rate (%)
North Sea cod trawl fishery 38 0.2
Area VIIe sole beam trawl fishery 28 0.1
Area VIId and e plaice beam trawl fishery 8 0.2
Area VII anglerfish beam trawl fishery 6 1.1
Area VII megrim beam trawl fishery 12 1.3

Catches of undersized fish in the trial were also low, suggesting that boats are fishing more selectively.

Published 11 June 2014