Corporate report

Cabinet Office environmental policy statement

This statement explains how the Cabinet Office aims to support sustainable development.



In April 2013, the government published its ‘Making sustainable development a part of all government policy and operations’ policy which stated:

The government is committed to sustainable development. This means making the necessary decisions now to realise our vision of stimulating economic growth and tackling the deficit, maximizing wellbeing and protecting our environment, without affecting the ability of future generations to do the same. The government takes account of sustainable development as a part of how it develops its policies, how it runs its buildings and how it buys its goods and services.

The Cabinet Office fully supports this and aims to lead by example on this issue. Our environmental policy statement sets out how we aim to achieve this aspiration.

The roles and responsibilities document sets out the roles of Cabinet Office staff in implementing the Environmental Policy Statement and other sustainable development commitments.

Published 5 March 2015
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