Corporate report

BIS fifth statement of new regulation: regulations covering January to June 2013

Informs businesses and interested stakeholders of BIS domestic and EU measures that come into force between January and June 2013.

This was published under the 2010 to 2015 Conservative and Liberal Democrat coalition government



Cutting red tape and improving our regulation and policies is a key priority for BIS. We aim where appropriate, for a light-touch regulatory environment, with less red tape and burdens on business, whilst protecting the public, consumers and employees.

Forthcoming BIS Regulation

The BIS fifth statement of new regulation shows how BIS is removing burdens on business. This is why the domestic regulations coming info force during the period of this statement either reduce costs or place minimal costs on business. The sum total of BIS deregulation over this period is expected to reduce the annual cost to business by around £24.96 million.

This demonstrates that regulation is being used as a last resort in the department. Under the ‘One In, Two Out’ rule, BIS is in a healthy position, currently in credit. EU legislation is usually out of scope for ‘One In, Two Out’, however for greater transparency the measures are now listed in the statement.

Published 17 December 2012