AS and A level changes: a summary

A summary of changes to AS and A levels from 2015.



The attached document shows the main features of reformed AS and A levels to be taught from 2015 onward. It details whether:

  • has non-exam assessment
  • there are any significant changes from the previous version of this subject

as well as:

  • a link to the latest consultation on the subject
  • links to conditions, guidance and subject specifications where available

General decisions for all reformed AS and A levels

We consulted on our general approach in June 2012, and published decisions in October 2013.

Key changes that will apply to all subjects are:

  • all subjects will have revised subject content which will be used for all AS and A level qualifications in that subject - n most instances this will be produced by DfE. Some subjects benefited from the advice of the A Level Content Advisory Board (ALCAB). These subjects were:

    • modern foreign languages
    • ancient languages
    • mathematics
    • geography
  • AS level will now be a standalone qualification which cannot contribute towards an A level
  • linear assessment - all exams at the end of the course (1 year for AS level, 2 years for A level)
  • non-exam assessment will only be used where knowledge, skills and understanding cannot be tested validly in an exam - this means the proportion of non-exam assessment has been reduced in a number of subjects
  • all exams will take place in the summer