Arts Council England policy directions for the National Lottery

Directions issued to the Arts Council of England under Section 26(1) of the National Lottery Etc. Act 1993



These are directions issued by DCMS to the Arts Council of England. The Arts Council is given these directions as it is a distributor of National Lottery grants.

DCMS sets the policy and financial framework within which the distributing bodies for National Lottery grants must operate. The Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport issues policy and financial directions to the English and UK-wide lottery-distributing bodies, apart from the Big Lottery Fund.

The Minister for the Cabinet Office issues policy directions to the Big Lottery Fund. These policy directions set the framework within which the distributing bodies operate. These include considerations relating to:

  • who can receive funding
  • what the funding can used for
  • the conditions the distribution body must meet

The financial directions relate to financial propriety and efficiency. They are designed to secure the proper management and control by a distributing body of the lottery funds available to it.