Approval of mortgage documentation (PG30)

How to apply for approval of standard forms of legal charge and related deeds used by lending institutions (practice guide 30).



Aimed at lenders, this guide tells you about the approval of standard forms of legal charge and deeds of variation, priority and postponement used by lending institutions. It applies only to deeds that will be registered or noted under the Land Registration Act 2002.

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Published 13 October 2003
Last updated 6 April 2018 + show all updates
  1. A minor update has been made in section 3 to change 'business days' to 'working days'.
  2. Section 3 has been amended to reflect that we will no longer accept applications by fax.
  3. Link to the advice we offer added.
  4. Section 5 has been amended to clarify that any scanned image of an approved charge lodged for registration must contain the MD reference allocated to the charge.
  5. The guide has been amended as a result of changes to our contact details.
  6. Welsh edition added.
  7. First published.