Addendum to the 2002 Guidance to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) on environmental objectives relating to the exercise of its air aviation functions

An addendum listing relevant items published since the 2002 'Guidance to the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) on environmental objectives'.



The Transport Act 2000 requires the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), when exercising its air navigation functions, to take account of environmental guidance given to it by the Secretary of State for Transport. The current guidance was issued in 2002 by the then Department for Transport, Local Government and Regions.

Given the length of time since the guidance was published, and the recommendations of Sir Joseph Pilling in his July 2008 strategic review of the CAA and the Transport Select Committee in its 2009 report on the use of airspace, the government recognises the need to update the guidance to reflect current government policy, including on issues such as noise and climate change. This will be done following development of the Sustainable Framework for UK Aviation and will include a public consultation.

In the interim, the Department for Transport is publishing a technical addendum to the guidance. This addendum updates references and lists relevant policy documents and legislation published since 2002 that the CAA takes into account when considering airspace change proposals.