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Air Accidents Investigation Branch: current field investigations

Updated 16 May 2017

Current field investigations

This lists the current field investigations being undertaken by the AAIB which include both accidents and serious incidents. It does not include those that are being investigated by correspondence or AAIB involvement in overseas investigations. An investigation will be removed from the list shortly after it has been published.

Date Reg Type Accident / Incident type Status
29 Apr 2017 G-ZBKF BOEING 787-9 Gradual decompression en route London Heathrow to Delhi, India - aircraft returned to London Heathrow Under Investigation
08 Apr 2017 G-CKLR SZD-55-1 Fatal accident at Currock Hill Airfield, Northumbria Under Investigation
29 Mar 2017 G-OHCP AS355F1 Fatal accident at summit of Rhinog Fawr, Snowdonia Under Investigation
19 Mar 2017 G-POWD BOEING 767-36N Slow decompression en route London Stansted to Rzeszow-Jasionka Airport, Poland - aircraft diverted to Amsterdam Under Investigation
23 Feb 2017 OK-LAZ LET L-410 UVP-E Unstable approach and landing at Ronaldsway, Isle of Man. Under Investigation
11 Feb 2017 N603AB CESSNA 402C Runway excursion on landing at Gorda Airport, British Virgin Islands Under Investigation
03 Feb 2017 TF-BBB BOEING 737-46J(SF) Smoke in aircraft during pushback at East Midlands Airport Under Investigation
15 Jan 2017 G-ATMT PIPER PA-30 Fatal accident at Aston Rowant, Oxfordshire Under Investigation
28 Dec 2016 G-WNSR* SIKORSKY S92 Loss of yaw control on landing at West Franklin Platform, North Sea Under Investigation
21 Dec 2016 G-COBO ATR 72-212 A Control issues in icing conditions during climb from Guernsey Airport, Channel Islands Under investigation
14 Dec 2016 G-PRPC DHC-8-402 Engine cowl loss at Manchester Airport Under Investigation
04 Dec 2016 G-CLJK/G-CSFC SZD-51-1 Glider / CESSNA 150L Fatal accident after mid-air collision near Husbands Bosworth Under Investigation
04 Dec 2016 G-CFNG SCHLEICHER ASW 24 Fatal accident at Dartmoor Under Investigation
28 Nov 2016 G-EZWX AIRBUS A320-214 Smoke in cockpit enroute from Edinburgh, Scotland Under investigation
15 Nov 2016 VP-CKM BOMBARDIER GLOBAL EXPRESS BD700 Low on approach to Hong Kong International Airport Under Investigation
19 Oct 2016 G-EUPM AIRBUS A319-131 Nose gear torque link separation on landing at Manchester Airport Scheduled for Publication - AAIB Bulletin 6/2017
17 Oct 2016 G-BDZC REIMS CESSNA F150M Fatal accident at Bourn Airfield, Cambridgeshire Under investigation
04 Oct 2016 OE-IAG BOEING 737-400 FREIGHTER Right landing gear torque link failure on landing at Belfast Aldergrove Airport Under investigation
02 Oct 2016 G-MSTG NORTH AMERICAN P-51D MUSTANG Fatal accident near Hardwick Airfield, Suffolk Under investigation
23 Sep 2016 G-KAXT WESTLAND WASP HAS1 Hard landing at Bishopstone, Salisbury, Wiltshire Scheduled for Publication - AAIB Bulletin 6/2017
18 Sep 2016 G-GARB EV-97 TEAM EUROSTAR Fatal accident near Builth Wells, Wales Under investigation
15 Sep 2016 G-LFIX SPITFIRE IXT Landing gear collapse on landing at Sywell Aerodrome, Northamptonshire Consultation stage
14 Aug 2016 G-ARNZ DRUINE D.31 TURBULENT Aircraft ditched in the sea during airshow near Herne Bay, Kent Under investigation
02 Aug 2016 D-ETDK BREEZER B600E Loss of control at Lochnell Castle, Oban, Argyll Scheduled for Publication - AAIB Bulletin 6/2017
19 Jul 2016 G-SCIP SOCATA TB20 Nosewheel collapse on landing at Sleap Airfield, Shropshire Published - AAIB Bulletin 5/2017
17 Jul 2016 HA-PPC SUD SA-313B ALOUETTE II Fatal accident at Breighton Aerodrome, Yorkshire Consultation stage
08 Jul 2016 G-YAKB YAK-52 Fatal accident near Dinton, Wiltshire Under investigation
30 Jun 2016 G-EZEW AIRBUS A319-111 Inadvertent flap retraction on departure from Bristol Airport Consultation stage
26 Jun 2016 N276AY AIRBUS A330-300 Smoke and evacuation on stand at London Heathrow Airport Under investigation
30 May 2016 G-MYES RANS S6-ESD (MODIFIED) Fatal accident near Shifnal Aerodrome, Shropshire Consultation stage
30 Apr 2016 G-BNSO SLINGSBY T67M MKII Fatal accident at Whitwell Grange cottage, Whitwell, North Yorkshire Published - AAIB Bulletin 5/2017
20 Mar 2016 G-CDNR IKARUS C42 FB100 Fatal accident near Burrows Lane, Middle Stoke, Kent Published - AAIB Bulletin 5/2017

*formal investigation

Current status

Under investigation – the investigation is underway and includes the drafting of the report prior to consultation.

Consultation stage - when an investigation is largely complete and a confidential draft report has been sent out for consultation under Regulation 12(1) and EU Regulation 996/2010 Article 16. The consultation process includes the time taken to consider representations and amend the draft report prior to publication.

Publication scheduled – the report has been approved for publication by the Chief Inspector of Air Accidents and is scheduled for publication.

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