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The UK Space Agency inspires and leads the UK in space to benefit our planet and its people.

The UK Space Agency

The UK Space Agency plays a major role in delivering the government’s National Space Strategy.

We support a thriving space sector in the UK, which generates an annual income of £16.5 billion and employs 47,000 people across the country.

Our staff include scientists, engineers, commercial experts, project managers and policy officials who help to:

  • catalyse investment to support projects that drive investment and generate contracts for the UK space sector
  • deliver missions and capabilities that meet public needs and advance our understanding of the Universe
  • champion the power of space to inspire people, offer greener, smarter solutions, and support a sustainable future

To achieve the greatest impact in these three areas, we focus most of our resource behind eight delivery Priorities. These are:

  • launch: supporting satellite launch services from UK spaceports
  • sustainability: taking a leading role in keeping space safe and accessible now and in the future
  • discovery: supporting space science and exploration missions
  • innovation: investing in bold new technologies
  • levelling-up: boosting space investment and jobs across the country
  • Earth observation: studying our planet to drive discovery and tackle climate change
  • low-Earth orbit: delivering vital everyday satellite services
  • inspiration: inspiring new space customers, investors and the next generation

Read our Corporate Plan to learn more about our Priorities and plans for the next three years.

Read our Respectful Behaviour Policy.

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