Working for UK Space Agency

We employ about 70 civil servants, based in Swindon, London and at the UK Space Gateway in Harwell, Oxford.

Apply for a job

We advertise job vacancies through the Civil Service Job Search.

Who we look for

The UK Space Agency employ staff with a wide range of experience in the space sector. Our teams share a passion for space and an understanding of the needs of our dynamic and diverse community.

We need skilled people to:

  • manage our technical and scientific programmes
  • set policy on the regulatory and business environment for the space sector
  • make strategic decisions about the government’s relationship with businesses, universities and international partners
  • help students and educators use space in the classroom
  • inform the public about the benefits of space to the economy and to everyday life

We aim to support the growth of the space sector by encouraging graduates and technicians with relevant skills and qualifications to pursue a career in the space industry. The space sector is a thriving international business that provides employment for people with a wide range of skills including:

  • experts in the electrical and mechanical engineering field
  • physicists
  • mathematicians
  • machinists
  • technicians
  • IT and software systems experts