Our governance

The main decision-making, executive and managerial bodies at UK Space Agency.

The UK Space Agency has an executive board, steering board and audit committee to manage and advise on activities.

Executive board

The executive board manages the day-to-day operations and activities of the UK Space Agency, including giving policy advice to the ministers at the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS).

The board is responsible for:

  • carrying out the UK Space Agency mission as detailed in its Corporate Plan.
  • developing and maintaining the agency’s mid to long-term strategy
  • approving and carrying out financial planning
  • the investment appraisal regime, including approving capital and revenue under the limit set by BEIS
  • approving and carrying out agency governance, including financial policies and procedures
  • overseeing stakeholder relationship management, including with government

Executive board members

  • Graham Turnock, Chief Executive
  • Ian Annett, Deputy CEO for Project Delivery
  • Claire Barcham, Director of Strategy
  • Alice Bunn, Director of International
  • Chris Castelli, Director of Programmes
  • Peter Finn, Chief Operating and Finance Officer
  • Colin Macleod, Director of Regulation
  • Catherine Mealing-Jones, Director of Growth
  • Matt Archer, Interim Director of Commercial Spaceflight
  • Rachel Gardner-Poole, Interim Director of Organisational Development & Design
  • Tim Guy, Director of SBPP

Terms of reference: Executive Board (PDF, 641KB, 3 pages)

Steering Board

The Steering Board has no executive functions. Its role is to advise ministers on:

  • the strategies to be adopted by the UK Space Agency as set out in its Corporate Plan.
  • the targets to be set for quality of service, and financial performance (and monitoring and advising on performance against these)
  • the resources needed to meet those targets

Steering Board members

  • Sally Howes
  • Graham Turnock
  • Peter Finn
  • Clive Tucker
  • Frances Saunders
  • Malcolm Macdonald
  • Philip Thomas

Trainee Board member

  • Allison Brown

Meeting minutes: Steering Board (ODT, 805KB)

Terms of reference: Steering Board (PDF, 104KB, 2 pages)

Steering Board: Strategy and succession planning paper (PDF, 171KB, 6 pages)

Executive Board attendees

  • Claire Barcham
  • Alice Bunn
  • Chris Castelli
  • Catherine Mealing-Jones

Audit committee

The audit committee is an advisory body to the UK Space Agency steering board with no executive powers. Its main functions are to make sure the use of public money is visible by monitoring financial reporting and discipline. The audit committee’s role is to support the chief executive in their role as accounting officer by:

  • overseeing the work of the internal and external auditors
  • making recommendations to the steering board and reviewing the annual financial statements before submission to the steering board
  • assisting and advising the accounting officer on risk, control, governance and associated issues

Audit committee members

  • Clive Tucker
  • Frances Saunders
  • Keira Shepperson
  • Graham Turnock
  • Peter Finn
  • Karen Folkes

Audit committee attendees

  • James Osborne (NAO)
  • Mark Rutter (NAO)
  • Bob Crilly (GIAA)
  • Claire Barcham
  • Alice Bunn
  • Chris Castelli
  • Catherine Mealing-Jones

Meeting minutes: Audit Committee (PDF, 32.4KB, 1 page)

Terms of reference: Audit Committee (MS Word Document, 85.5KB)