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UK Government Investments (UKGI) is the Government's centre of expertise in corporate finance and corporate governance.

About us

UK Government Investments Limited (UKGI) began operating on 1 April 2016 as a government company, wholly owned by HM Treasury, which brings together the functions of the Shareholder Executive (ShEx) (formerly part of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills) and UK Financial Investments (UKFI) under a single holding company.

UKGI’s purpose is to be the Government’s centre of excellence in corporate finance and corporate governance.


UKGI’s principle objectives are to:

  • prepare and execute all significant corporate asset sales by the UK government;
  • advise on all major UK government financial interventions into corporate structures;
  • act as shareholder for those arm’s length bodies of the UK government that are structured to allow a meaningful shareholder function and for other UK government assets facing complex transformations (especially if governance is at the heart of a model change); and
  • advise on major UK government negotiations with corporates.

Who we are

In May 2015, the Chancellor announced the creation of UKGI as part of the government’s plan to deliver the biggest ever sale of publicly-owned corporate and financial assets. The two bodies that managed most of the taxpayer stakes in businesses across the economy - ShEx and UKFI - were to be brought together under a single holding company, with HM Treasury as its sole shareholder.

UKGI’s activities are governed by its Board and underpinned by its Articles of Association and framework agreement with HM Treasury. UKGI is accountable via its independent Board to Treasury Ministers and – through the Chancellor – to Parliament.

UKFI is a wholly owned subsidiary of UKGI – more information about UKFI and its work can be found here

What we do

UKGI works across Government, on some of its most interesting and complex commercial tasks. We work closely with both private sector and the wider public sector, with regular interaction with ministers, parliament and Whitehall departments.

We provide a wide variety of corporate finance and corporate governance services:

Governance and corporate transformation

  • Ensure effective and efficient management of vital publicly-owned assets, improving strategy and governance to enhance shareholder value.
  • Design of new commercial models for complex Government bodies and set-up innovative new businesses and authorities.

Corporate finance

  • Prepare and execute significant Government corporate asset sales.
  • Provide commercial, restructuring and insolvency advice to assist HMG in dealing with financially distressed businesses.

Commercial advice

  • Support HMG in significant negotiations with the private sector, including on contracting and financing arrangements.
  • Review role and functions of Government bodies /assets and assess potential for them to operate more efficiently in the private sector.

How we work

UKGI Values

UKGI’s values guide the way our staff work and shape the culture of the organisation:

  • Professional and act with integrity
  • Collegiate and committed to improvement
  • Focused on outcomes
  • Open and honest in our communications

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