Working for UKGI

UKGI is committed to bringing together and developing the best talent from both the Civil Service and the private sector.

UKGI provides staff with the opportunity to work on a variety of diverse projects across its broad business portfolio, and access a range of learning and development opportunities. Whatever their background and experience, everyone will be given the opportunity to improve their skills and develop their career during their time in UKGI.

As the centre of excellence for corporate finance and governance in Government, UKGI offers a wide range of learning and development opportunities. Employees will have access to:

  • technical training, including corporate finance courses;
  • personal development, leadership and skills training;
  • a UKGI seminar programme;
  • the Whitehall Corporate Finance Profession, details here;
  • mentoring and coaching.

UKGI job opportunities

UKGI jobs are advertised on Civil Service Jobs.

UKGI is currently recruiting for a Project Manager. Please see below for details of the role and how to apply.

Project Manager role

Find out more about working for UKGI

UKGI operates a rolling recruitment policy, seeking top candidates from both the public and private sectors to fill vacancies as they arise. To find out more about opportunities at UKGI, contact us at