Our governance

UK Government Investments is a government company wholly owned by HM Treasury.

UKGI is a government company with HM Treasury as its sole shareholder.
Its activities are governed by its independent Board.

Activities are underpinned by its Articles of Association and framework agreement with HM Treasury. UKGI is accountable via its Board to Treasury Ministers and – through the Chancellor – to Parliament.

UKFI, which is responsible for managing the government’s investments in financial institutions, is a subsidiary company of UKGI that continues to operate with its own brand, Board, operating model, Articles of Agreement, framework document and investment mandate. In time, as the company completes its activities, UKFI will fully merge into UKGI.

Our governance arrangements are set out in a Framework Agreement with the Treasury, which will be published shortly.

Main Board

The main Board provides strategic direction to the Company and ensures UKGI is equipped to perform its functions, including having sufficient resourcing and a suitable organisational structure. The Board also enables effective arrangements to be put in place to provide assurance on risk management, governance and internal control.


  • Robert Swannell (UKGI Chairman)
  • James Leigh-Pemberton
  • Mark Russell
  • Jitesh Gadhia
  • Robin Lawther
  • Caroline Thomson
  • Jane Guyett
  • Simon Palley
  • Alex Chisholm
  • Charles Roxburgh

Board member biographies are available here:

UKGI Board