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The Regulator of Social Housing regulates registered providers of social housing to promote a viable, efficient and well-governed social housing sector able to deliver homes that meet a range of needs.

Our fundamental objectives

The objectives of the regulator are set out in the Housing and Regeneration Act 2008 (as amended). We undertake economic regulation of providers of social housing registered with us, focusing on governance, financial viability and value for money that maintains lender confidence and protects the taxpayer. We also set consumer standards and may take action if these standards are breached and there is a significant risk of serious detriment to tenants or potential tenants.

Registered providers of social housing include not-for-profit organisations such as housing associations and cooperatives, local authorities and for-profit providers.


  • to ensure that providers of social housing, who are registered with us, are financially viable and properly managed and perform their functions efficiently, effectively and economically
  • to support provision of social housing sufficient to meet reasonable demands (including by encouraging and promoting private investment in social housing)
  • to ensure that value for money is obtained from public investment in housing
  • to avoid the imposition of an unreasonable burden (directly or indirectly) on public funds.
  • to guard against the misuse of public funds.


  • to support the provision of social housing that is well-managed and of appropriate quality
  • to ensure that actual or potential tenants of social housing have an appropriate degree of choice and protection
  • to ensure that tenants of social housing have the opportunity to be involved in its management and hold their landlords to account
  • to encourage RPs to contribute to the environmental, social and economic well-being of the areas in which the housing is situated,

We have a statutory duty to perform our functions in a way that minimises interference and is proportionate, consistent, transparent and accountable. We are accountable to Parliament for the discharge of the fundamental objectives. While the Chair of the Board is accountable to the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, the Chief Executive, as accounting officer, has a separate direct line of accountability to Parliament as well.

More information about the Regulatory standards that registered providers must meet and our approach to regulation can be found in:

Our role


  • register and de-register providers of social housing subject to them meeting our eligibility requirements and registration criteria

  • gather intelligence to inform our assessment of a registered provider by reviewing their submitted quarterly survey returns; carrying out annual stability checks of their business plan and annual accounts; and undertaking periodic In Depth Assessments using a risk-based approach to assess providers’ financial strength, risk profile, approach to value for money and their quality of governance

  • assess and grade, through published Regulatory judgements, how well RPs are managing their risks

  • investigate cases where a provider is susceptible to issues crystallising, and carry out enforcement to secure solutions

  • identify and communicate emerging trends and risks at a sector and sub-sector level and maintain confidence of stakeholders, such as lenders.

Our priorities

  1. Ensure we have appropriate understanding of sector-level risks

  2. Deliver proportionate, assurance-based co-regulation focused on risk

  3. Ensure we are forward thinking and responsive to changes in the external operating environment

  4. Ensure we are an efficient and effective organisation.

Our values

  • We are professional and collaborative, showing respect and courtesy to colleagues and stakeholders.

  • We embrace diversity and seek to be an inclusive and supportive organisation.

  • We are confident in our ability to deliver effective and efficient regulation.

  • We act with integrity to reach evidence-based decisions.

  • We are agile and react positively to change.

More information can be found in:

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Our contact details

Email: enquiries@rsh.gov.uk or call: 0300 124 5225

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Our offices

** Please note that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, access to our offices is extremely limited. In particular, our Manchester office is completely closed due to circumstances outside our control. Please therefore avoid sending any correspondence to the regulator by post. Although we are putting in place mitigations where possible, there is no guarantee that correspondence sent by post to our offices will reach us in a timely fashion or at all. If there is a particular need for something to be sent in hard copy to the regulator, please first phone your usual contact to establish whether alternative arrangements can reasonably be put in place. In all other circumstances, please contact the regulator by email or telephone. **

Manchester office

This is our registered office. It is also the address for service of any legal documents on RSH.

Level 1A – City Tower
Piccadilly Plaza
Manchester M1 4BT

Leeds office

This is the address for general correspondence and enquiries.

Level 2
7-8 Wellington Place
Leeds LS1 4AP

London office

Fry Building
2 Marsham Street
London SW1P 4DF

Birmingham office

23 Stephenson Street
Birmingham B2 4BH

Bristol office

Temple Quay
Bristol BS1 6EH


The regulation function transferred from the Homes and Communities Agency to the Regulator of Social Housing on 1 October 2018, in line with the Legislative Reform (Regulator of Social Housing)(England) Order 2018.

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